About us

It is one of the sophisticated and world-class crematoriums in the twin cities for the citizens to experience a hassle-free process while conducting last rite rituals. Located near Whisper Valley, Jubilee Hills, Film Nagar, Shaikpet Mandal, the GHMC Crematorium is now being maintained by Phoenix Foundation under ‘Fund Your City’ program launched by GHMC. In a collective effort with GHMC, Phoenix Foundation has rechristened it as Vaikunta Mahaprasthanam and is keeping it in a clean and efficient condition for the smooth conduct of cremations of the departed souls.

The clean and green environs of the crematorium make it a unique one that very few others can actually match. The team at Phoenix Foundation is committed to the upkeep of Vaikunta Mahaprasthanam with world-class standards. The Crematorium has end-to-end facilities and amenities under one roof:


The Vaikunta Mahaprasthanam

Regular and Electronic Pyres, Pujari, Flowers, Rest Rooms and Wash Rooms, Water, Storage, Car Park, Book Store, Canteen, etc… you think about it, it has it… and of course the park like ambience is a welcome change!

It is a noble initiative by Phoenix Foundation and GHMC to ensure a dignified & decent cremation for the all those resting in peace. Vaikunta Mahaprasthanam is a marked difference from regular crematoriums in terms of hi-end facilities, best-in-category maintenance and of course the continuous care that it will get from Phoenix Foundation.

The Phoenix Foundation

The Phoenix Foundation undertakes grassroot initiatives for positive changes in the lives of the underprivileged- families, children and communities. It is a conscientious body involved in multifarious activities in the social work domain. Our core philosophy has been to impact and support community activities which can be self sustained. The foundation has been actively contributing to this space by identifying gaps in the social infrastructure and bridging the same through their efforts.

Upgrading the crematorium, setting-up Dhwajastambh at Swami Ayyappa Temple, Sabrimala, supporting the first of its kind hospice at Hyderabad,  providing education and meals for the underprivileged, empowering orphanages, organising safe drinking water and blood donation camps when necessary are some of the important initiatives being undertaken, thus supporting causes of CSR  by example.

Some of our notable work include

The Phoenix Foundation volunteered with the Travancore Devaswom Board to support the process of renovating and preserving the Dwajasthambam at the renowned Sabarimala Temple

Green Telangana Haritha Haram programme that distributed saplings

Phoenix Arena a center for performing arts, a cultural landmark in Hyderabad

Phoenix Foundation along with Sparsh Hospital, a Collaborator for Change, is working together to build Sparsh Hospice, a center for palliative care for terminally ill cancer patients

Our Team

Phoenix Foundation and GHMC 1

The GHMC crematorium in Shaikpet has been hosting rituals for departed souls for several years. Under the initiative ‘Fund your City’, GHMC initiated the development of this crematorium, which was then undertaken by Phoenix Foundation. With an intent to build a holistic space for the living to bid adieu to their loved ones, the Foundation sought to renovate and upgrade the amenities. A part of this process was also to identify the emotional significance and ensure smooth conduct of rituals. Modernisation was at the centre of this revamp.

With this, began our association with the GHMC to develop and renovate the Vaikunta Mahaprasthanam Crematorium keeping in mind empathy, respect, liberation and modernisation at the center.

Why was modernisation needed? 

A modern crematorium is one with all the facilities in place for a peaceful last rites ritual to be held. A majority of crematoriums lack basic cleanliness, amenities or budgets to maintain the space. We started the renovation keeping in mind all the emotions one goes through during this distressing time. Amenities such as live streamings, clean washrooms, lockers and pyres with privacy were added. Apart from this, the entire facility was solar powered making it self sustainable.

The project was looked at as a personal space to grief, accept and liberate the departed rather than a public place for a ritual. Along with this, efforts were made to upkeep the crematorium to keep it clean, efficient and running at excellent conditions at all time.

Vaikunta Mahaprasthanam during Covid, and other notable efforts
A modernised crematorium met the dire needs of modern times,
especially during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dignity of life during Covid -19

During the durge of the pandemic in 2020-2021, Vaikunta Mahaprasthanam had a moral responsibility to carry out dignified funeral rituals for the victims of COVID-19.
The space saw 5 times more funerals taking place than the pre-pandemic, and worked 18-hour days to meet the demands.With state of the art facilities at the area, the workers were able to live-stream the religious proceedings to the victims families who were not allowed to attend the funerals by regulation. We added numbers to our workforce to meet the requirements and worked round the clock to follow COVID-19 protocols and ensure the safety of all our staff.

We are truly humbled to have played a part in the trying times of 2020-2021 and will continue to put our best foot forward to meet any and all demands.



Lending ever present support to a solemn loss of the loved



A respectful bow honouring the life of the lost and the loved



Praying for the smooth passage, loss is liberated of the loved

Why Modernisation Was Needed?

The modern world is a busy place with ever expanding cities, towns and
villages and an influx of population being one of the main concerns for the
GHMC authorities. Every civic amenity is under pressure to match up to the
rising demands by the growing population and crematoriums are no
different. While majority of the crematoriums lack basic cleanliness and
amenities, what is even more disturbing is the fact that these crematoriums have
zero maintenance budgets and efforts.
GHMC initiated upgradation of these Crematoriums .


Phoenix Foundation

Phoenix Foundation is the corporate social responsibility (CSR) wing of the Phoenix Group that is involved in multi-farious activities in the social work domain. By contributing to the society in the form of providing for education. orphanages, meals for the underprivileged, safe water drinking, blood donation camps when necessary, Phoenix Foundation is enlarging the scope of CSR by setting an example.

The Vaikunta Mahaprasthanam Crematorium modernized under "Fund Your City' program is another example of its extended charitable works. As a responsible corporate citizen, Phoenix is striving to play its part in creating better standards of living through a wide range of activities.

Please note that all official bookings for Vaikunta Mahaprasthanam are exclusively made through the contact number provided on the website – 9852555555, with very nominal charges. No agency/agents/any other websites are authorized to take bookings on behalf of Vaikunta Mahaprasthanam. Be cautious of fraudulent activities happening under our name.