A crematorium is extremely utilitarian that needs clean, well lit and sanitised spaces to help people heal. Phoenix Foundation has equipped the Vaikunta Mahaprasthanam with modern, state of the art facilities to meet the requirements of the hour.

Four Spacious Pyres

3 Basic Pyres & One Electric Pyre with attached Waiting Rooms


24x7 surveillance with Security Guards with CCTV cameras

WiFi + Live Streaming Set-up

WiFi enabled viewing of the funeral Procession for loved ones across the world

Cold Rooms

State-of-the-art cold rooms to keep bodies before cremation

Ritual Items Store

A dedicated store for all ritual requirements

Wash & Changing Rooms

Well maintained washrooms and Changing Rooms with water heaters

Car Parking

Car Parking arena to hold over 75 cars

Drinking Water

Free and safe drinking water available


Ashes storage lockers

Ceremonial Yard

A designated area to offer Pindam

Book Store

Book Store with spiritual books

Vehicle Transportation

Mortuary Van facility

Canteen Facility

Full-fledged Canteen facility

Piped Music

Piped Music with Gita & Spiritual songs

Phoenix firmly believes that every departed soul deserves to be treated with dignity and complete respect. A modern crematorium is
one such attempt with all amenities in place for a decent last rites ritual to be held.


Green, Clean and Serene

“Mother nature has the power to please, to comfort, to calm and to nurture one’s soul”
- Anthony Douglas Williams

Nature can comprehend human emotions and can play a significant role in expressing the space. The design and architecture of Vaikunta Mahaprasthanam has embodied nature to provide a calm and serene ambience. The entire crematorium has been planted with trees and with a dedicated team for its upkeep.

Apart from this, we have modernised the concept - ‘Go Green, Go Green’, to make the crematorium eco-friendly in every way!

  • Rain water harvesting incorporated with sufficient measures across the space
  • Eco-friendly materials used during construction
  • LED lights have been fitted for its low environmental impact
  • Installing Organic Waste converters to process funeral garlands and religious offerings to fertilizers
  • Entire facility is
    Solar Powered

Maintenance under the Foundation

To ensure day-to-day smooth functioning of the space, a Mahaprasthanam Trust was specially created by the Phoenix Foundation to ensure smooth operations. Under this trust, we have professionals dedicated and committed to our cause. We have a team of dedicated employees avail regular employment benefits such as insurance and scholarships. Our unique model ensures the utmost focus on unhindered and peaceful funeral proceedings.